Risk Management

Risk Management is simply the process of managing risks based on your organisation's security appetite. The process includes the assessment of people, processes and technologies that can potentially impact security. A risk register and plan is developed in the process of risk (threat) identification, evaluation, prioritisation and development of mitigation controls (accept, reduce, transfer).

The Risk Treatment Plan is built based on the results of the assessment, containing the actions recommended to improve ineffective controls. Each Risk Treatment is mapped to relevant risks; as risk treatments are completed, the effectiveness of the control improves and in turn reduces the likelihood of mapped risks occurring.

  • Define the context of the assessment
  • Evaluate people, Processes and technology for potential risks
  • Consider source (internal/external) of the risk
  • Assess each identified risk
  • Categories and priorities based on Likelihood and Impact
  • Develop a risk analysis matrix to determine the level of risk
Managing risks involves developing cost effective options to deal with them including:
  • Avoiding risk
  • Reducing risk
  • Transfer risk
  • Accepting
  • Regularly monitor and review your risk management plan
  • Ensure the control measures and insurance cover is adequate.
We utilise industry best practices to create a meaningful risk framework which is both comprehensive and highly-flexible.

We offer the following services that can assist you with your compliance requirements.
  • Risk Management Frameworks
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Policy Framework Creation
  • Risk Management Training
  • Business Continuity

Business Continuity Management System

Risk Associates can help you build organisational resilience, a state in which issues are identified and prevented before they arise. Empowering people to manage the unexpected.

Our BCM Methodology is in line with industry leading and internationally accepted frameworks (like ISO 22301 and NIST 800-34). BCM allows you to develop capabilities for an effective response to identified threats, vulnerabilities and risks that could impact your operations.

We can assist your business with
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Procedure development
  • BCP/DRP evaluations
  • Training for the plan
  • Data collection and analysis

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